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Fancypants will continue to buy Designer Handbags and Accessories outright but will consign all other items. Please see our Consignment Agreement.

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Bring in your designer brand clothing, shoes, purses, accessories and jewelry... no appointment is needed. Clothes should be on hangers or neatly folded, in excellent condition, current style and in season. If we are overstocked in a size or category, we may decide to pass on an item. Our inventory changes often!

Buying Designer Handbags & Accessories: We pick the desirable items that we think we can sell and give you 25% of that price. We pay you on the spot (cash under $100, check over $100) or put your money in an account that you can pick up or use any time.

Want to sell a large wardrobe? We will come to you. 

Ask us about wardrobe reviews and buy-outs.

Why Fancypants?  

Jan Nuscher loves to help her customers find designer and upscale brand items - she provides a great selection of unique, interesting and fun merchandise. 10% of all profits are donated to the Alzheimer's Association and to the SPCA.  Jan's husband Gene passed away from Alzheimer's in 2005 after being diagnosed 17 years prior and, Jan just loves animals!

In general:

All clothing should be freshly washed or dry cleaned and ironed on hangers or folded neatly in a box or shopping bag (no trash bags).

If there are stains, pulls, pilling, fading, missing buttons or broken zippers, we cannot accept it.

Fashion is key! We accept only current styles and are looking for items less than two years old or that are "classics" or just plain FABULOUS!

Shoes should not show toe impressions and the heels and soles should not be worn out.